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Please call me Emma. I am a little over a year old and weigh around ten pounds. My dad was sick a lot and I was spending more and more time in the crate. One day he just didn't come home. A nice lady came and took me to the rescue. Now, I need a new home and family. I hadn't had very much training ...read more about Emma
Oh my, you are looking at me Munchkin? I am so excited I just can't stop my wiggling. I am about four pounds and am seven years old. I came to the rescue about five years ago, was adopted and just got returned. I don't really know why they sent me back but I am ready to be loved forever. I love to ...read more about Munchkin
Hi, it's me Dixie. I am over three years old and weigh more than nine pounds. I came to the rescue twice now! The first time from a scary place called a shelter and just recently when my family had to move away suddenly. I am glad I came back to the rescue because I know they love me and together we...read more about Dixie
Hey there, my name is Jackson. I am over three years old and they really aren't sure what breed I am but I don't care. I love people and am glad to be safe with the rescue. You see I was living on my own for over a year before I came here. I feel safe now and know I have enough food to eat. &...read more about Jackson
   Guy, is my name and loving you is my game. I just love life and everyone in it. Sure I had a few rough days in my past when that big dog hurt me and I lost my eye but I am totally over it. I am here at the rescue just waiting for you.    I am a terrier chihuahua mix, they thi...read more about Guy
I just graduated from the prison training program. I will write more soon.
My name is Holly because I was found in a shopping center parking lot Christmas 2012. I am a three year old chihuahua that weighs less than eight pounds. I was adopted but returned after several months because they decided three dogs was too many. Who needed that family anyways. I will admit I can ...read more about Holly
Oh my, oh my, are you looking at me, Gracie?  Nobody ever seemed to pay attention to me until I came to the rescue.  I was found as a stray and brought  to a rural shelter. I laid on a concrete floor shivering until Grandma came and got me.  I had pneumonia, a tick borne illness ...read more about Gracie
Oh, hello. Please call me Blake.  I came to the rescue a few years ago when I was found hit by a car by the capital with numerous broken bones.  A nice person came along but I hurt so bad I wouldn’t let them touch me. They put out a crate so I dragged myself into it.  After surg...read more about Blake
My name is Cole and I am about four years old.  I came to the rescue after I waited at a humane trap for eighteen hours for someone to come back and get me.  Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t in the trap I just laid beside it an waited and it was worth it! I was very thin and had so...read more about Cole
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Johnnie's Fundraiser Night for Dogs As Family -- Monday November 17th, 2014
Johnnie's Fundraiser Night for Dogs As Family -- Monday December 15th, 2014
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The Oklahoman -- Saturday February 1st, 2014

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