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Please call me Emma. I am a little over a year old and weigh around ten pounds. My dad was sick a lot and I was spending more and more time in the crate. One day he just didn't come home. A nice lady came and took me to the rescue. Now, I need a new home and family. I hadn't had very much training ...read more about Emma
Hello. My name is Teddy. I am still a pup that is less than six months old.  The rescue came and got me after I recovered enough to travel.  See, I was hit by a car.  They just moved me to the side of the road and left me screaming in pain.  A nice lady came to help me and rushed...read more about Teddy
Oh my, you are looking at me Munchkin? I am so excited I just can't stop my wiggling. I am about four pounds and am seven years old. I came to the rescue about five years ago, was adopted and just got returned. I don't really know why they sent me back but I am ready to be loved forever. I love to ...read more about Munchkin
Hey there, my name is Jackson. I am over three years old and they really aren't sure what breed I am but I don't care. I love people and am glad to be safe with the rescue. You see I was living on my own for over a year before I came here. I feel safe now and know I have enough food to eat. &...read more about Jackson
   Guy, is my name and loving you is my game. I just love life and everyone in it. Sure I had a few rough days in my past when that big dog hurt me and I lost my eye but I am totally over it. I am here at the rescue just waiting for you.    I am a terrier chihuahua mix, they thi...read more about Guy
Hi there, it’s me Sister.  I am about four years old and weigh less than forty pounds.  A few years ago I came to the rescue from a farm with Mandy and her kids.  We all were adopted but things changed for my family and they couldn’t keep me anymore. So here I am waiting o...read more about Sister
Hey, look over here at me.  My name is Susie. I am around four years old and built solid round.  Hahaha, some of you ladies don’t like to be called round but I am so happy you can call me anything, it is just words.  Life hasn’t always been great.  My mom got sick and...read more about Susie
My name is Holly because I was found in a shopping center parking lot Christmas 2012. I am a three year old chihuahua that weighs less than eight pounds. I was adopted but returned after several months because they decided three dogs was too many. Who needed that family anyways. I will admit I can ...read more about Holly
  Anna Belle
Hi, my name is Anna Belle.  I am a standard poodle that is about five years old and I weigh 45 pounds.  I came to the rescue with my sister Baby Girl after we lost our home. We weren’t sisters by birth but fate brought us together to be sisters by heart. I love my sister and can&rsqu...read more about Anna Belle
Oh, hello. Please call me Blake.  I came to the rescue a few years ago when I was found hit by a car by the capital with numerous broken bones.  A nice person came along but I hurt so bad I wouldn’t let them touch me. They put out a crate so I dragged myself into it.  After surg...read more about Blake
   Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. Yes, that’s my name. If you can’t hear a sound I will let you know when I do.  I have momma ears. See I had a litter of puppies out in the country so I am used to sounding the alarm if I think my family might be in danger.  They said I am about...read more about Daisy
Oh my, it's my turn to talk.  My name is Honey.  I can be a little shy around new people but once I know you care about me I will be your best friend.  I am a couple of years old and weigh less than ten pounds.  A while back my friend Daisy and I were found out in the country and...read more about Honey
  Hope is an optimistic attitude of the mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one's life. That’s me. Hope.           I was in a scary place and they came to give me a shot so I would never awa...read more about Hope
My name is Cole and I am about four years old.  I came to the rescue after I waited at a humane trap for eighteen hours for someone to come back and get me.  Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t in the trap I just laid beside it an waited and it was worth it! I was very thin and had so...read more about Cole
Hi, it's me Dixie. I am over three years old and weigh more than nine pounds. I came to the rescue twice now! The first time from a scary place called a shelter and just recently when my family had to move away suddenly. I am glad I came back to the rescue because I know they love me and together we...read more about Dixie
Oh my, oh my, are you looking at me, Gracie?  Nobody ever seemed to pay attention to me until I came to the rescue.  I was found as a stray and brought  to a rural shelter. I laid on a concrete floor shivering until Grandma came and got me.  I had pneumonia, a tick borne illness ...read more about Gracie
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Adoption OutReach -- Saturday November 8th, 2014
PetSmart Adoptathon -- Sunday November 16th, 2014
Johnnie's Fundraiser Night for Dogs As Family -- Monday November 17th, 2014
Johnnie's Fundraiser Night for Dogs As Family -- Monday December 15th, 2014
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The Oklahoman -- Saturday February 1st, 2014

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